Saturday, February 14, 2015

New goals

That marathon thing--"Yeah, that shit was canceled," to quote Ann, quoting the airport guy in Detroit circa 1993.


It's Valentine's Day, Daughter and her father are together, and I am home alone for the first time since....maybe 4 months ago?

So what better activity than restoring an old family photograph. I've been here for about 5 hours, filling the cracks with love, as it were, and with spackling compound. Why not. Also the family is starting to feud about its whereabouts. Nothing like guilt to build a healthy sense of motivation.

Weird things are happening. I'm opening art supply boxes and having an oddly easy time of finding tools I forgot I owned. I stole Zoe's new LED desk lamp to get some raking light. I peeled the sandpaper off an emery board to sand down my fills. I found tubes of watercolor and brushes and the box of pastels I used in 1997 when I was frantically putting together enough drawings to make a BFA show. Time capsules everywhere you look. Tom Waits on the playlist, the humidifier gurgling pleasantly along with Tom's greatest hits. Tom always was a good partner during creative times.

And I have to say, these repairs are looking alright considering the makeshift workspace I'm using.

Great Grandpa Jones

Makeshift workspace

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